Granny's Kids, founded by a resilient soul Claudia Marie Billingsly born on December 29, 1927, embodies the spirit of a woman who defied norms. After migrating to California in 1969, she broke barriers in a time of segregation, creating opportunities for women. With an assertive yet nurturing voice, Granny, at 96, spent her final days in her hometown, reflecting on her journey from the country dirt roads to a life dedicated to fostering growth.

Granny's House is more than a shelter; it's a haven built on the pillars of encouragement, resilience, and creative expression. Granny opened her doors to countless local youths, providing a safe space for them to call home. Through her unwavering support, she nurtured growth, patience, and artistic expression, creating a music studio collectively built by the community she embraced.

In Granny's House, where dreams found a refuge, Granny not only housed many but took in many local neighborhood kids, becoming a beacon of hope known affectionately as Granny. Her legacy lives on through the success stories of those she uplifted and the House Music Studio she funded, where everyone found a voice.

Granny's House remains a testament to the indomitable spirit of a woman who knew what she wanted and how to achieve it. With a warm heart and a safe zone for all, Granny's House continues to be a home to Granny's Kids, transcending backgrounds and fostering a sense of belonging for generations to come.